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Wedding Videographer – Michelle and Anthony – 31’st December 2013

Wedding Videographer – Michelle and Anthony – 31’st December 2013

I had the pleasure of been the official wedding Videographer for Michelle Maher and Anthony Mc Keag on 31st st December 2013. I started filming at Michelle’s house were Michelle was having the finishing touches to her make up and hair.

Fergal Mc Grath was the wedding photographer on the day, he is a well renowned photographer and his shots are lovely.

It was a full wedding Ceremony held in the wonderful St Monica Parish Church in Edenmore, the Church was beautifully decorated by Paul from Buds & Berries a new company who have really shown the trade a thing or two.

Deirdre and her father arrived in a lovely car from Absolute limos,  Michelle was wearing a magnificent dress and was glowing.

The church music was by a Annie M Powderly and really added to the ceremony.

The wedding reception was in Knightsbrook Hotel they put on a lovely day and as you know the setting in the wonderful county part of Meath is a most sought after venue.

The wedding music in the evening was by Darragh from pro djs.

It was a great day and I look forward to meeting them when their wedding DVD’s are ready.


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