Corporate Videographer for The Thales User Group Conference 2011

Corporate Videographer for The Thales User Group Conference 2011

I was the official videographer at The Thales User Group Conference 2011 from 19’th – 21’st September 2011. The Conference was held in the Grand Hotel in Dublin and was hosted by the Irish Aviation Authority, it’s called TUG that being The Thales User Group the conference consisted of several speakers talking on the next generation of radar safety and innovations for the future. There was also several educational workshops hosted by experts both Irish and from Thales themselves. They had many simulators there to see the latest developments and the delegates were from all corners of the world Australia, South Africa and Serbia.

The conference programme was informative, interesting and was chaired by Mr Phillip Hughes from the IAA. The next conference will be held in Cancun and the organisers will have some job to top the work done by Clare and Vicky from the IAA, they did an excellent job and everything was done to perfection, they were both presented with flowers as a thank you for their outstanding organising of the event.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gerry Clinton from C.S.S who looked after the Audio Visual, he was a master at his work and did a fantastic job.

The conference was a great success and ended with a Gala Dinner hosed in Dublin Castle.



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