Wedding Videographer for Louise and Christian – 10’th September 2011.

Wedding Videographer for Louise and Christian – 10’th September 2011.

I was the wedding videographer for Louise Flanagan and Christian Lyons on 10’th September 2011.

I started at the house where the last minute perparations were taking place, when I arrived I was expecting a bit of panic considering there was 5 bridesmaids getting ready but Louise was in full control and all was calm and going smoothly.

Louise and Christian's Wedding

The church was St Bridget’s in Blanchardstown Village and it was only 3 minutes from where Louise was leaving we could have walked, Fr. John Jones looked after the wedding ceremony while Carrie Keane looked after the lovely church music.

Louise and Christian's Wedding

The wedding car a 1920 regent was provided by

APK Chauffeur Drive and it was just perfect for the occasion.

The wedding photographer on the day was John Burke who as always has control of what he is doing and is used to working with large groups.

We did not have far to go as the wedding reception was in the wonderful Castleknock Hotel everything ran very smooth there and the speeches were great.

The wedding band was the new but wonderful After Dawn who kicked off the night, this dynamic band is comprised of 3 very talented musicians with Michelle on lead vocals and they were excellent and well worth checking out.


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