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Wedding Videographer – Elaine and Gavin – 6’th December 2013

Wedding Videographer – Elaine and Gavin – 6’th December 2013

I was the pleasure of been the official wedding Videographer for Elaine and Gavin on 6’th December 2013. I started filming at Elaine’s house in Firhouse were Elaine was having her make up finished off by Marie Joseph.

Susan Thompson from Circus Photography was the wedding photographer on the day, she is a well renowned photographer and she had Emma doing some candid shots.

It was a civil Ceremony being held at the wonderful Glenview Hotel, Elaine arrived in a lovely Bentley from Absolute Limos.

The Celebrant was Emma Sides from the Humanist Association, she has a lovely way with the ceremony and makes people feel so much at ease.

The music was sung by Lindsey along with pianist Shane from a band that I have seen and heard many times called Santoria, they were booked to perform else were that night so they sung for them at the ceremony.

The Glenview Hotel put on a lovely day and as you know the setting in the wonderful county of Wicklow is a most sought after venue, Sabrina looked after everything on the day with military precision.

The wedding band for the night were Pick up the Pieces better know in the trade as the Fitzafrenic.

It was a great day and I look forward to meeting Elaine and Gavin when their wedding DVD’s are ready.


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