Wedding Videographer Dublin – Catriona and Chris -31’st October 2011.

Wedding Videographer Dublin – Catriona and Chris -31’st October 2011.

I was the official wedding videographer for Catriona and Chris on Monday 31’st October 2011, I starting filming at Catriona’s house in Balbriggan were the girls were getting the last touches to their hair and makeup, they were all very calm and there was a lovely atmosphere.

The wedding photographer Kevin Morris was also at the house getting some pictures, Kevin is a well sought after photographer and has a most relaxed style and is a pleasure to work with.

When I got to the church In Balscaddan Chris and the lads were arriving and meeting the wedding guest’s.

The lady of the moment Linda arrived in a lovely car and it was just perfect for the occasion, the car was from the company Dixons.

The weather was mixed and we headed to Darver Castle for the wedding reception, we were met by Julie and Trevor who looked after the couple for the day, they had wonderful music playing by Tropical Storm they were fantastic, most of the pictures were taken in the fine library rooms.

Following the meal there was a fabulous fireworks display by the wonderful company called Paynes it was just magical and I look forward to watching it back on the wedding DVD. When we went back into the castle the wonderful band Deco 5 were waiting to start and to take the party to an all time high.

What a fabulous day, a great time had by all.

Yours sincerely

Cyril Fox

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