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Wedding Videographer for Natasha and Paul – 6’th May 2011

Wedding Videographer for Natasha and Paul – 6’th May 2011

I had the pleasure of filming the wedding of Natasha Jordon & Paul Forrester on Friday the 6th of May.

Everything ran well, we had a long drive from Natasha’s house to the church of St Bridget’s in the village of Manor Kilbride in Co. Wicklow, the priest Fr Padraig Mc Dermott was doing the mass and he is a pleasure to deal with.

We had lovely music in the church provided by Joanna Charles it is always a pleasure to listen Joanna.

When we arrived at the Avon Ri we had a lovely part of the hotel, this was a small family wedding and the room was just perfect, we then had some pictures taken with the Multi award winning Master Photographer John Smails we had them finished fairly fast as it started to rain.

They had a band called the Hit Connection and they were really brilliant and they had them all dancing from the word go.

We all had a lovely day

Yours sincerely

Cyril Fox.

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