Video Me – Deborah & David – 6’th November 2010

Video Me – Deborah & David – 6’th November 2010

I was out at the wedding of Deborah Williams & David Stephens on Saturday last the 6th of November, I started in Deborah’s house were Deborah and the girls were getting ready, there was no mad hurry as the church St Judes Church was only across the road.

We had lovely music in the church provided by Dominic Mc Gorian a young tenor, I had not heard of him before but he was excellent.

We went to Trim Castle for a few pictures before going to the hotel, I had not worked with Orla Murray the photographer before but she was well able to command everyone’s attention and get the best of pictures.

When we arrived at Trim Castle Hotel we had a lovely welcome and as always everything ran to perfection, the small family wedding room was jut perfect.

They all danced the night away to the fabulous band called vertigo.

We all had a lovely day and thank you.

Yours sincerely

Cyril Fox.

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