Video Me – Cathy & Rory Wedding Day 28’th August – Great Day

I was out at the wedding of Cathy & Rory on Saturday 28’th August, in the Church of St Mary’s & Peter in Main St .Arklow. I have worked here before and it is a very large and spacious church. Days flowers done an excellent job on decorating the church with the candles on the ends of the pews and the beautiful arranged flowers.  Emer Barry Soprano was a lovely singer and got great reviews from the wedding guests.

Fr. Tom Martin Cosgrove the local priest in Arklow was excellent, he gave both myself   Fiona Anderson Photographer plenty of scope to move around, Fiona has a lovely style and keeps the day running smoothly.

The wedding started with Cathy and her Sister Aimee, the Bridesmaid getting ready in the hotel itself Brooklodge

All went well, we had the band the Jewel who were really good.

We all had a great day

Yours sincerely
Cyril Fox.

Video Me Productions

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