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Corporate Videographer – Re Opening of St Catherine’s Church

Corporate Videographer – Re Opening of St Catherine’s Church


I had the pleasure of filming a most extraordinary event, the reopening of St Catherine’s of Alexandra that was destroyed by a fire in 2010.


The day started with a gathering at Johns lane were Fr Coughlon addressed the congregation who were all looking forward to the presentation of the short walk to Meath Street.


When we arrived at the Church Bishop Eamon Walsh knocked on the Main Door of St Catherine’s and it opened to allow all the parishioners of the area gain access again after a wait of over two years.


There was a tremendous effort made by a lot of people to have the Church ready for Christmas, a few that made this happen were Howley Hayes Architects,
Michael Hughes from Merit Consulting and all the Lads who worked on the new roof from Irish Building Industry.

A great job done by all and a great day to be a part of.


Cyril Fox
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