Corporate Videographer – Gaisce Gold Awards 29’th September 2011

Corporate Videographer – Gaisce Gold Awards 29’th September 2011

I was the videographer at the Gaisce Gold Awards on 29’th September 2011. The President’s Award is Ireland’s very own National Challenge Award, the country’s most prestigious and respected individual award programme and a challenge from the President of Ireland to the youth of Ireland. The purpose of the award is to encourage young people to set and achieve a demanding challenge for themselves in each of four different areas as follows: Community Involvement, Personal Skills, Physical Recreation and Venture Activity.

This year’s Awards are particularly special in that this is the last group of gold medal winners to be honoured by President Mc Aleese as she steps down from her second term as President, she said that it had been a tremendous experience for her honouring Ireland’s youth over the past 14 years.

The day started with the Garda Band playing to the large crowd setting the tone for the day.


Cyril Fox

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Cyril Fox is Irelands leading corporate videographer.




Below are some coverage from the papers.

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